Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an Xpresso Delight system in your workplace?

  • Great coffee everytime at a fraction of the price.
  • No waiting in line at cafes or coffee shops. Have a great coffee at work or on your break.It keeps everyone alert and energetic. Staff appreciate the boss giving them great coffee and staff will socialise over a cup of great coffee.
  • Impress your clients with your in house coffee.
  • No contracts of leases, staff can manage and pay for their own coffee system.
  • It saves time - Xpresso Delight is ready in seconds.
  • Great way to raise money for the comapany social club, or favourite charity.

How much does it cost to get started?
Absolutely nothing - you only pay for the coffee you drink.

How do you know how many coffees we've made?
The single serve machine comes in a box of 150 serves. The corporate machine has an inbuilt cup counter - when we come to service your machine, we show you how much coffee has been consumed at your workplace for that week.

We also have a coin operated machine with fresh ground coffee and fresh frothed milk for  at a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere for a quality coffee.

Do we have to pay any leasing or contract fees?
No. There are no other charges other than the coffee consumed.

How long do we have to keep the machine?
You can advise us at any time to remove the machine.

What happens if the machine stops working?
Xpresso Delight will respond within 4 hours to repair the machine or replace the machine if required.

What do you get with your machine?
A fridge, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate, straws, cups and spoons - everything you need to make a great coffee (except water and milk).

Who cleans and services the machines?
Xpresso Delight staff service and clean the corporate machines weekly. The single serve machines are services and cleaned bi-monthly.

What happens if the staff want to pay for their own coffee?
Vending machines that produce our great coffee are also available.  We can also structure a system to suit most work places large or small.  We are happy to speak with you to supply the very best system to suit your unique work enviroment.
There are many ways to organise staff coffee - staff can buy their coffee serves once a week.
In some offices the coffee is sold in bundles of 10 and then staff make the coffee at their convenience. Some offices sell the coffee for $2 and give the profit to their social club or a charity of their choice - Relay for Life is very popular.  Vending machines that produce our great fresh bean coffee and fresh frothed milk are also available.

Do we need a plumber to install the coffee system?
No plumbing is necessary.

What are the electrical requirements?
2 power sockets - 1 for the coffee machine and 1 for the fridge.

How much space is needed?
The single serve coffee machine measures 560mm wide x 420mm deep. The corporate coffee machine measures 850mm wide x 500mm deep.  Please phone for vending machine dimentions.

What is the minimum weekly purchase?
We need you and your staff to make a minimum of 50 coffees a week for the single serve machine and 125 coffees a week for the corporate machines. Xpresso Delight allows clients to build up numbers on commencement - usually up to a month. This can be negotiated.